The passions of eroticism in question here have both a mystical and an explosive, rough side – both of which are painted upon extraordinary music, without which the dance would only have had half the effect. There are organ sounds that hurt as if they were hurricanes in the ears, then for several minutes sustained, soft tones dazzle merely because of their duration. These endless sounds, reminiscent of a glass harp, have a similar effect to staring into darkness; if you stay there long enough, the most mysterious figments of the imagination begin to awaken. Listening to this music is not always easy; it provokes an experience of being on the edge that goes beyond a “beautiful evening of ballet”. Is Nacho Duato exploring Eros as an unknown god – as opposed to referencing the images that immediately come to mind in our sexualized society? If so, then Duato dodges these images using the organ, the instrument of the metaphysical sound par excellence. But the organ can only convey this circumvention if it is played in an unconventional unclichéd way. The unknown cannot be found in familiar harmonic patterns – nor Eros be found in the worn-out dance gestures that, for lack of an alternative, still characterise the idea of passion. (…) All in all, “Cobalto” shows why Nacho Duato is one of the greatest choreographers alive.
SüdkurierHarald Ruppert (28-01-2010) pdf

Above all, it is a soundtrack created by Pedro Alcalde and Sergio Caballero and performed on the organ.
Diario de Cádiz Désirée Ortega Cerpa (01-11-2009) pdf

Cobalto, is, without doubt, the most interesting piece of the evening. (…) The music, despite being almost entirely abstract, is constantly complemented by harmony and forcefulness. Strength, beauty and a perfect correlation between the visual and the sonorous, make the evening a great closing of the FIT.
La VozGermán Corona (02-11-2009) pdf

Esa sensualidad alcanza su punto más alto en Cobalto… El espectador deberá completar con su proyección imaginativa lo que las imágenes sugieren.
La NaciónNéstor Tirri (11-12-2009) pdf

“Cobalto” ist ein subtiles erotisches Spiel zu elektronischen Klangen und Orgelmusik das die hohe Kunst der Andeutung beherrscht. (…) Das Publikum in Ludwigshafen feierte die Compagnie zu Recht mit begeistertem Applaus.
Die RheinpfalzBirgitt Scheuermann (01-02-2010) pdf

…stürmisch oder in Zeitlupe ablaufend, kreatürlich oder abstrakt, von suggestivem Orgelspiel begleitet.
Schwäbische (28-01-2010) pdf

Minimalistische, dunkel dröhnende oder hell vibrierende Orgelmusik liefert den passenden Sound dazu.
Nürnberger NachrichtenRegina Urban (08-02-2010) pdf