The evening suddenly got brighter when Pan Sonic’s Vaihtovirta made its appearance and it was the OBC that shook things up with a very attractive score, written by Pedro Alcalde. It was a dialogue built on an echoing rhythmic game of electroacoustics, that reached a good fusion thanks to the electronic sound magma with the orchestral melody. (…) A great contribution from Alcalde with Pan Sonic.
La VanguardiaJorge de Persia (18-06-2004) pdf

The musical journey improved at the moment in which the roles were reversed; when Pan Sonic brought a new piece, Vaihtovirta (the fruit of a successful collaboration with the composer Pedro Alcalde). It was when we had the real and hopeful feeling of finding ourselves in a valuable union of both universes. … It was the brightest moment of the afternoon.
AvuiD. Broc / X. Cester (18-06-2004) pdf

Suddenly the best of the night came. A clear transgression, a bold reversal of roles with Vaihtovirta by Pan Sonic with Videogeist images. The entire orchestra accompanied the electronic voice, and did so in its very own way, with glissandos and long pedals that generated an interesting feeling of detachment. (…) A path has been created which is well worth exploring further.
El PaísAgustí Fancelli (18-06-2004) pdf

En el arreglo de Vaihtovirta, Alcalde optó por multiplicar la textura oscura, grisácea y tenuemente triste, de lo que uno supone que debe de ser el original de Pan Sonic, incluida una complicadísima parte para percusión. Fue, sin duda, la pieza mejor trabajada, además del único maridaje entre la música o los sonidos propuestos por los invitados del Sónar y sus anfitriones sinfónicos.
El PeriódicoJoan Anton Cararach (18-06-2004) pdf