Sense and structure are two key concepts for understanding Alcalde’s approach to Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony in Segovia. Clear, precise and spirited, the planning was surprisingly un-routine, architecturally luminous and coherent. The musical tensions were as lyrical as they were transparent and suggestive.
El PaísJuan Ángel Vela del Campo (15-07-1997) pdf

Although one of the best-known pieces in the history of music, Beethoven’s Pastorale was reborn with rare intensity in the hands of Alcalde’s exquisite version, which was both comprehensive and mature.
El Norte de CastillaJ. A. G. Municio (15-07-1997) pdf

Alcalde conducted with decision and agility, with tempi faster than those to which we are accustomed from other conductors, but this did not mean a loss of expressiveness. It offered a good opportunity to enjoy music, due not only the composition itself but also to its interpretation. The audience was fascinated.
El Adelantado de SegoviaManuel Sanz (15-07-1997) pdf