Music: György Kurtág: Játékok, Volumes I to VIII, Átiratok Machaut-tól J. S. Bach
Piano: György and Marta Kurtág, Pedro Alcalde
Choreographer: Nacho Duato
Set: Nacho Duato
Costumes: Nacho Duato (with special assistance from Ismael Aznar)
Lighting: Joop Caboort

Premiered by the Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND)
Venue: Teatro Real Madrid
Date: 30th April 2003


Of the recordings made at Radio Berlin (SFB) with György Kurtág’s last pieces for piano, Nacho Duato selected a group of them to perform a choreography with the Compañía Nacional de Danza: L’Homme. The choreography also used a selection of works for piano two and four hands from the composer’s earlier Játékok series and three of his Bach transcriptions for piano four hands, performed by Kurtág himself and his wife Márta. Of the pieces played by me there are two, which are not in the final selection of the disc made for the SFB in Berlin:

1. Dialog for the 70th birthday of András Mihály (or: how can one answer to the same 4 sounds with only 3)
(“… aber ist das eine Antwort?”) (V, 41)
2. Enfolding Sounds (V, 40)


01 Flowers We Are, Mere Flowers… (J: VIII/ I, 3A) MK/GK
02 J.S. Bach: Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir (BWV 687) (Tr, 48) MK/GK
03 Knots (J: II, 33) GK
04 Antiphone in f-sharp (J: II, 34) GK
05 Dialog for the 70th birthday of András Mihály (J: V, 41) PA
06 Tumble–Bunny (J: III, 16) MK
07 Hommage à Kurtág Márta (J: III, 50) MK07 Aus der Ferne (J: V, 9) MK
08 J.S. Bach: Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (BWV 106) (Tr, 46) MK/GK
09 Aus der Ferne (J: V, 9) MK
10 Fanfares (J: V, 32-33) PA
11 Enfolding Sounds (J: V, 40) PA
12 Grassblades in memory of Klára Martyn (J: V, 23) PA
13 Message to András Szöllösy (J: VI, 23) PA
14 Day-dreaming… (az elsüllyedt katedra) (J: VI, 21) PA
15 J.S. Bach: O Lamm Gottes unschuldig (Tr, 52) MK/GK
16 Flowers We Are, Mere Flowers… (J: VIII/ I, 3A) MK/GK