“Überschreitungen. Mozarts musikalische Dramaturgie”
In: Programme of the Vienna State Opera for the new production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni (Musical director: Claudio Abbado – Stage director: Luc Bondy) pdf

“Die fragile Konstitution des Sozialen: Marginalien zu Le nozze di Figaro”
In: Programme of the Vienna State Opera for the new production of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro (Musical director: Claudio Abbado – Stage director: Jonathan Miller) pdf

Strukturierung und Sinn / Die dramatische Funktion der musikalischen Form in Da Pontes und Mozarts Don Giovanni
Frankfurt am Main, New York, Paris: Peter Lang

“La escucha del otro. Notas sobre el Spanisches Liederbuch de Hugo Wolf”
In: …y las palabras vienen cantando… Texto y música en el intercambio hispano-alemán. Helga von Kügelgen (ed.)
Frankfurt am Main: Vervuert Verlag

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In: Jordi Cervelló. (Col·lecció Compositors Catalans, Nr. 10)
Barcelona: Generalitat de Catalunya – Edicions Proa

Musiké. El Sonido y la Danza
Pedro Navarrete (ed.), Madrid: Comunidad de Madrid

“La dirección de orquesta en el engranaje de una ópera”
In: El humanismo de la ópera. Madrid: Círculo de Bellas Artes

“El poder del respeto”
Epilogue of Itay Talgam’s El maestro ignorante.
Barcelona: Empresa Activa

Animales músicos
Pedro Alcalde (Author) – Julio Antonio Blasco (Illustrator)
Barcelona: Lectio Ediciones
Catalan – Animals músics. Barcelona: Cossetània Editions
Chinese – 动物音乐家 / Animal Musicians. Beijing: China Youth Press / Roaring Lion Media
Korean – 동물 음악가. Seoul: Darim publishing


Ludwig van Beethoven: Iberian Songs – With Violin, Cello and Piano Accompaniment
VISO Editorial, A Coruña
First edition of the arrangements on popular Spanish and Portuguese songs that Beethoven proposed between 1815 and 1818 to the Scottish editor George Thompson and which he never published
(introduction: pdf)

Mauricio Sotelo: Lecturas del libro de Job | Sieben Sätze | for speaker, flute and string orchestra
Text Editor
Universal Edition, Vienna


Guest Professor:
University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid: postgraduate 1995
University Carlos III, Madrid: School of the Arts 2009
University Carlos III, Madrid: Specialization Course 2010
University Carlos III, Madrid: Specialization Course 2013
ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya): Composition Seminar 2013
University Carlos III, Madrid: Specialization Course 2014
University Carlos III, Madrid: Specialization Course 2015


Several cycles of lectures at the Salzburg Summer Festival (1991-1995). Lectures in European Universities, Concert Halls and Theatres, with a special mention for the lecture held in 1999 at the Teatro Central in Seville together with philosopher Emilio Lledó on Beethoven and Hegel pdf


During my years in Berlin as assistant to Claudio Abbado and the Berlin Philharmonic, an editorial team along with Jürgen Petzinger from Incontri-Europei asked me to develop an analysis and a “reader” for the concert of Luigi Nono’s Canto Sospeso at the Philharmonie-Berlin in December 1992. The concert was recorded and published in a special DVD edition in collaboration with Susanne Lothar, Bruno Ganz, Angelica Ippolito, Gian Maria Volonté, Ben Kingsley and Umberto Eco.
The Nonoprojekt, using the DVD as supporting material, has been subsequently developed in order to inspire students to reflect upon the idea of freedom, democracy and tolerance in the context of different European schools. From the Faroe Islands to Varna, Wiesbaden to Padua, each school participated in the project with their own approach and variations in the subjects of Music, Language, History, Philosophy and Art. The bearer of the project is Fondazione L’Unione Europea, based in Berlin.

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