The inaugural concert of the XII Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, Sónar 2005, held in the Auditorium merged the music of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC) with daring electronic proposals. This sound experiment was a bold triumph, which was a happy replacement of the shy renditions that had happened in the previous two editions. (…) The conductor of the OBC, Pedro Alcalde, claimed yesterday, at the press conference for this special concert, that classical music could do with a bit of a shake-up. Tonight’s experience may well have opened up new ways to go about it.
El MundoEfe (17-06-2005) pdf

I was thrilled, partly also because the version signed by Pedro Alcalde was more than remarkable. Pedro Alcalde proved to have a great musicality and a special affinity with the music of Takemitsu, which he understood well and knew how to transmit perfectly.
Mundo ClásicoMikel Chamizo (16-06-2005) pdf

Pedro Alcalde captained, with firm and clear strokes, this new incursion of the OBC.
AbcPablo Meléndez-Haddad (18-06-2005) pdf

La Orquesta Sinfónica de Barcelona y Nacional de Cataluña (OBC), a las órdenes de Pedro Alcalde, se puso por segundo año al servicio de la experimentación más radical, con resultados muy interesantes.
El PaísA. Fancelli / C. Serra pdf

Les partitures d’un dels referents del dodecafonisme van donar peu a intervencions més inventives, a un diàleg més equilibrat.
AvuiX. Cester / D. Broc (17-06-2005) pdf