Music: Pedro Alcalde / Sergio Caballero
Violin: Kolja Blacher
Instrument: Stradivari Tritton 1730
Additional Music: Mozart, Schubert, Rachmaninoff
Choreographer: Nacho Duato
Set: Jaffer Chalabi
Costumes: Angelina Altagic
Lighting: Brad Fields

Premiered by the Staatsballett Berlin
Venue: Staatsoper im Schiller Theater – Berlin
Date: 14th May 2015

The original idea for the choreography of the ballet was to create a personal requiem for the unexpected death of a friend, without using pre-existing forms to channel reflections or feelings.

Memory, Eternity, Mourning are words that hardly fit into a linear conception of time. These words are installed in a specific temporary place, foreign to what our watches can measure. Static Time makes reference to this place.

The musical construction of Static Time unfolds in two layers. The first, as incidental music, lays a thread from the beginning to the end of the ballet, sets its atmosphere and acts as a transition between the different parts.
The second consists of three slow movements of chamber works by Mozart, Rachmaninoff, and Schubert.
From the continuum that characterises the first layer arise the three classical pieces as islands, almost like memories, which emerge from a common sea.
The composition of the incidental music follows the ballet’s theme and title using reduced musical elements, which delay the temporal natural flow of music emphasizing its spatiality. Its sonic palette (violin, clarinet, and piano) is taken from the basic colours present in the chosen classical pieces. As an element of dissociation, two different sound sources are used for each of the layers: direct sound for the classics, recorded sound for the incidental composition. The recording of the incidental music was made at the Teldex Studio Berlin with different types of microphones located in close proximity to the instrument. Kolja Blacher and his Stradivarius Tritton from 1730 achieved the most perfect realization of the sound that we had in mind when composing this piece.

1- Violin
2- Clarinet: multiphonics
3- Piano



14-04-2015 Staatsoper im Schiller Theater Berlin Germany 7
08-09-2015 Teatro Real Madrid Spain 2
28-12-2015 / 10-06-2017 Staatsoper im Schiller Theater Berlin Germany 19
Total performances 28