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Hospital Vall d’Hebron and Sónar+D join forces to innovate for better care

Sónar+D has collaborated with the Department of Innovation at Hospital Vall d’Hebron in the recording of an immersive audio piece that allows health professionals to put themselves in the patient’s place through the sounds of the hospital, in order to reflect upon the importance of being in the patient’s shoes.

This piece, a binaural audio recording, was designed to be listened to with headphones, and created especially for the first edition of the medical conference “Jo innovo”, that took place on March 14, where 300 participants shared their knowledge and experiences in the field of innovation.

The world of art and the scientific environment merge in this experience to assist the relationship between practitioners and patients through an emerging technology like the immersive 3D audio.

This recording puts the listener in the place of a patient undergoing surgery and immerses them in the sounds of the hospital: doors, elevators, stretchers, conversations, bleeps and other sounds from the hospital’s machinery. This is possible thanks to the binaural sound, a recording technique that allows to sense sounds from our surroundings in 3 dimensions: from behind, up and down the listener, plus the sense of closeness or distance from these sounds.

This recording was made by tech company Intorno Labs, specialised in 3D audio tools, whereas composer Pedro Alcalde was in charge of the narrative part and sound architecture.